Payday Loan Collection via SMS on Mobile Phone

4 Jul

Payday loan Collection via SMS on Mobile Phone

Personal Loan Collection via SMS on Mobile Phone

Charge Payday loan via SMS and mobile phone arrears! Have you heard about this method of charging via SMS? Not! To gain access to credit, especially Payday loan, the prospective borrower must prove eligibility to the lender in order to be approved in their interest-bearing cash applications.

Eligibility criteria are different in each institution, but in general the methods have the same principles. To take on an expense that involves lending money, the borrower needs to prove that he can pay for what he is interested in, in this case, money financing. Through a variety of analyzes, institutions decide whether or not to approve loan applications or financing in accordance with the applicant’s potential for commitment and repayment capacity.

Loan and credit providers

Loan and credit providers

Do not think that when getting a pre-approved loan did not go through a lot of searches to credit history, credit score and search for financial problems, loan and credit providers check in advance for you when doing the connection in the service or clicking the mouse “send request”, have a quick and convenient release.

Payday loans are excellent helpers in assisting with debt consolidation, outstanding financial repayments, completion of studies, expensive and imaginable dreams, even transatlantic cruises. In short, money can finance the majority of the dreams of any human being. credit, of course!

Collection of loans and defaults via SMS

Collection of loans and defaults via SMS

My dear grandfather was already saying, “When everything goes well, help! When everything goes wrong, ask for help! “, Wise words, if financial problems have reached the point where you can no longer repay loans and financial commitments, what do you do? Debt renegotiation may be the only correct alternative, fail to pay, it is not a legal attitude.

With that in mind, borrowers with credit debt, loans, financing and defaulters with unfair commitments are being contacted by some companies that are adopting differentiated methods of collection, one of the news is the collection of loans and defaults via SMS. The purpose of this tactic is to recover credit from borrowers and debtors through renegotiation, and SMS has proved to be a very efficient collection channel for clients.

In Brazil, Sotopietra – Solution for Collection Challenges, in partnership with Zenvia – Corporate Mobile Messaging, are using this method of collection and the results improve on average 30%, the comparison is made based on the results that the letters of charges and phone calls represent in the amount of the recovery.

The system of charging via SMS

The system of charging via SMS

is already being done in favor of financial institutions, credit cooperatives, banks, companies providing credit and credit, etc. If you are owing any credit operation you may receive a charge for “Payday loan via direct SMS on your mobile”.

Typically, loan collection and credit default via SMS is done right on the first contact, voiding customer embarrassment with invasive phone calls.


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